I was asked once to describe myself, so I did:

I am water, 
as old as the oceans and as fresh as the rains, 
I drift as fog and rage in torrents. 
I am water in my heart and in my bones 
I will be born again as the the clouds are my afterlife. 
I will shape the rocks as they shape me, 
pour down mountains and turn them to sand. 
I am the simplest of feelings, 
empty but carries the world within. 
I am water.

Oh, Brother
It's hard to believe I've been at this for over 2 years. Had quite the dry spell the entire first year and things gradually picked up steam. Was overboard there for a bit, but I think it's calmed back down into a reasonable semi-unscheduled, chaotic pattern, if you can figure that out, you're welcome to share. Topics have ranged from deeply personal to cut & paste humour and from interest articles to opinion pieces. I don't see a real end in sight but there will be a cut back on information for a while, I can't go into too many details but I can say it will be job related. So some time this spring/summer expect not to see too much going on in the blog department.

Panora Views 
I started this page with a friend and we thought we'd kick it off well. Unfortunately, I'm not getting a lot of feedback. As slow as this is starting, it will be slower still due to the up and coming black-out.
- this blog was eventually scrapped, any articles that did appear were absorbed into Oh, Brother. Related articles were not continued.

Walk the Earth
This is actually a journal that I wrote while on Walkabout in my early 20's. I walked almost a thousand kilometres across 3 provinces and met lots of very interesting people. The goal, of course, was to find myself in the end. It never really ended. Though my path changed and live moved on I have never really let that mission die and I have hopes of one day completing the trek, picking up where I left off and maybe taking my children along with me when they're older. The original journal was once posted on my own blog I designed from scratch that was since removed by the ISP. I still have the book I wrote in and am now reposting the adventures a few at a time when my hectic life gives me a moment to stop and reflect. Which is really what Walk the Earth was all about, reflection. You can reflect too while watching the goldfish on the page. It's like having my very own virtual Zen garden.

Friar Greg's Geocache Journal 
I started this journal to show the progress I made in my adventures in geocaching. My geocaching took 2 hits, 1) I was stuck in St. Jean QC for a long time with no electronics and little access to the outside world. I did as much as I could but still ended up not finding many.
2) I lost my Blackberry for awhile, I'm still waiting for the replacement at the time this article was last updated and am still stopped from enjoying this my favorite pass-time.
- this blog was eventually scrapped, all articles are continued currently within the Oh, Brother Blog.