Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Nutty Story

So I went to use my guitar a few months ago, and found that it had been left out and damaged... the nut, a piece of plastic which holds the strings off the fret board and keeps them aligned, was chipped. I put off fixing it, not sure if it would cost much but just this Saturday, I took care of it.

I walked down to the guitar shop (Harmony Music Plus) where I purchased my dear Naomi nearly 13 years ago. I had pictures of the piece I needed because it was raining, and since I couldn't find my guitar case, I couldn't take my guitar out in the rain. I arrived at the store around 17 minutes past 9am which by the sign meant they had just unlocked the doors.

I went in and asked the gentleman behind the counter about my options... could I fix it myself or should I have it brought in? He suggested that if I was confident enough, I should be able to make the replacement easily, the part only being $5, it was worth trying. Bringing it in would cost me about $25 which was still, well within my range. But there were 2 drawbacks... 1) He couldn't guarantee the nut would be the right size and they vary between makes and models and I only had a picture. 2) I still didn't have my guitar case and she would get very wet in the downpour.

I decided to take the part home and try it. If it was the wrong size, or the job became too much, I could still bring either the guitar or the nut in later.  Needless to say, the job was much easier than expected, but the part was the wrong size. So I went back to the store and here's how the conversation went...

ME: "I brought back my nuts..."
HIM: "What seems to be the problem?"
ME: "One seems a little larger than the other."
HIM: "No problem, we get that issue all the time."
          [Holds out his hand] "Here, let me see them."
          [Inspects nuts] "Yep, just what I thought... this nut needs to be shaved down to match the other one... I'll just work on them in the back."
          [Returns] "Here you go, I shaved your nuts for you."
ME: [reaching for wallet] "Awesome, thank you.  What do I owe you?"
HIM: "Oh nothing, don't worry about it... I had the pleasure of holding your nuts in my hand."
ME: "Wow... you didn't even buy me a drink!"

Anyway, that's how the story goes... and I'm certain you could all come up with a hundred more puns for this funny but true story.

Friar Greg
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